Success Story Step Up Project

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STEP UP: A Successful Endeavor in Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship The Jakova Innovation Center, a leading organization committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, has successfully concluded its project titled "STEP UP". The project, which ran from November 2022 to June 2023, was meticulously designed to equip young individuals and women aged 18-29 from the [...]

STEP UP – Thirrje per trajnime

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📢We are happy to announce that JIC is open for applications for training in digital skills, business skills and negotiation skills! All interested young people 👩🏽‍💻🧑🏽‍💻 can apply by writing us at 📧email After the training session, young people will be recommended for internship in local businesses. 🔴Don't miss the opportunity! The application is open until 10.03.2023. *The [...]


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Jakova Innovation Center has started with the implementation of the project "STEP UP", which is supported by Care Deutchland e.V Office in Kosovo, in the framework of the project "Participation of the Youth of Kosovo - KYP" financed by the Office of the European Union (EU) in Kosovo . The overall goal of the project is [...]

Promoting The Power of Media Toward Furthering Democracy

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"Promoting The Power of Media Toward Furthering Democracy" The overall goal of this project is to raise awareness among Kosovo youth on the power of media on the democratization of society through the development of a learning program on media literacy and critical thinking. Through this overall goal, the project aims to promote peace [...]

The Workforce Development Strategy

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The current strategy is prepared for Jakova Innovation Center (JIC) as part of the EU financed project ‘’United towards empowering youth, women and disadvantaged groups’’.  The municipality’s long-term economic success depends on the strength of businesses in their efforts to attract, retain, and build skills in order to stay open, expand, and hand over to [...]

Call for applications: Social Media Local Expert

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In the framework of the cooperation between #PPSE and Jakova Innovation Center, the call for applications is announced: social media Local Expert The main objective of this activity is to support SMEs from food sector to improve their digital marketing performance through social media channels. Duties and Responsibilities Social Media Local expert will collect [...]

Thirrje për propozime për Start-up

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 THIRRJE PËR APLIKIMJakova Innovation Center në partneritet me Komunën e Gjakovës ftojnë bizneset e reja/ ndërmarrësit me ide biznesi inovative që të aplikojnë për grante që kanë për qëllim zhvillimin e bizneseve të reja përmes financimit. Thirrja për propozime është publikuar në kuadër të projektit: “Të bashkuar drejt fuqizimit të të rinjve, grave dhe grupeve [...]

A Successful Training Season

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The holidays are coming and we are quite happy to come to the end of year with amazing results. One of them being the great work that is made possible via the the project “United towards empowering youth, women and disadvantaged groups” implemented by Jakova Innovation Center, financed by European Union and co-financed by [...]